Experiences bird guide lead you travel to the best birding places in North Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia. 专业鸟导带你到马来西亚沙巴婆罗洲最佳赏鸟及拍鸟地点 。


Recently, the Giant Pitta and Blue-banded Pitta are very active, both of these pittas are very rare and most serious birders from the worldwide are looking for it. Especially Giant Pitta, it is a near threatened species. Now, there are 2 adult male and 1 juvenile male was found in the same trail. Whereas Blue-banded Pitta is “The Jewel Of Borneo” , it is beautiful, unique, scarce and rare. Apart of the above two unique scarce and rare species, you also have a chance to find the Black-crowned Pitta, Blue-headed Pitta and Bornean Banded Pitta. Those are the endemic to Borneo especially Black-crowned Pitta, if we say Blue-banded Pitta is “The Jewel Of Borneo” then Black-crowned Pitta should be “The Jewel Of Sabah”, it is the only pitta strictly found in Sabah.  

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A Giant Pitta with a juvenile was found in a Sabah tropical jungle. 

GIANT PITTA (Pitta caerulea) is scarce and patchily distributed within its range, and is likely to have a moderately small global population, which is suspected to be declining moderately rapidly as a result of deforestation throughout much of its range. It is therefore considered Near Threatened.

A Borneo species GIANT PITTA (Adult male hosei) with a male juvenile was found in lowland dipterocarp forest, Sabah, Malaysia. It is rare and very elusive endemic subspecies in Borneo. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=408440315942342&set=pcb.408441125942261&type=1&theater



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New update to all birders……. now’s the hot period searching of those rare and scarce resident of Borneo endemic, such as Fruithunter, Whitehead’s Trogon, Whitehead’s Broadbill , Bornean Ibon (Pygmy White-eye), Bornean Stubtail, Bornean Barbet, Bornean Frogmouth, and most laughing-thrush, flycatchers are very active.
Montane-Endemic-Birds-Of-Borneo www.birds.myMontane-Endemic-Birds-Of-Borneo-www.birds.myBORNEAN FROGMOUTH (Short-tailed Frogmouth) Borneo endemic. www.birds.myGOLD-WHISKERED BARBET Borneo Birds www.birds.my

What to bring: Binoculars, spottingscope (if available). For birds photography purposes, 300mm and above telephoto-lens are recommended.
Stephen Siaw ( Tour Operator, Nature & Birds Photography Guide ) www.birds.my BORNEO NATURE TOURS AND PHOTOGRAPHY provide extra ordinary services as follows:

  • Expert-help from professional birdlife photographers on composition, equipment & more.
    Tour to picturesque regions, lead by experiences birds photography guide to those strategic birds photography spot.
  • Focus on key species such as the endemic to Borneo and others rare and scarce resident.
  • Dawn-to-dusk birding with limited time for rest, relaxation and outside interest.
  • Provide birds guide and photography guide expert in Chinese and English.


馬來西亚东部沙巴婆羅洲赏鸟 / 观鸟 / 生态摄影旅游
 is a birdwatching and birdlife photography tour operator expert in wild birds and nature photography arrangement in North Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia. 
婆羅洲赏鸟攝影旅游有限公司 题共最专业的赏鸟生态旅游野鸟摄影安排。
Our special:
1) Tour to picturesque regions, lead by experiences bird guide / photography guide to those strategic birding spot.
2) Expert-help from professional birdlife photographers on composition, equipment & more.
3) Dawn-to-dusk birding  experience with limited time for relaxation and outside interest.
4) Insight to the rare and endemic bird species.
5) Provide Chinese and English speaking professional bird guides.

北婆罗沙巴州位于马来西东部。全島記錄669種的鳥類,6種咬鵑、8種闊嘴鳥、8種犀鳥、10種八色鸫、9种五色鸟,12種翠鳥、21種啄木鳥、30種的啄花鳥、8種捕蛛鳥、10種太陽鳥, 而婆罗洲特有鸟种多达52种。此岛拥有繁多奇珍飞禽鸟种乃基于其独特的地理,气候的优势。

1)        沼泽雨林 – 位于低海拔,滋长着密密麻麻的红树林,是候鸟栖息的好地方。因此每年九月份当候鸟抵达北婆罗洲的第一站,就是遍布到沙巴各地的岛屿及红树林里栖息了一段时间然后才继续移向低海拔的热带雨林一至到山地雨林。居于沼泽雨林的普通鸟种如,“ 马来犀鸟 ”,“ 白冠犀鸟 ”,“ 黑腹蛇鷉 ”,“ 紫鹭 ”,各种夜鹭及苍鹭,“ 三趾翡翠 ”,“ 斑翡翠 ”及多达十种其他翠鸟,而鹰科里最常见的如 “ 白腹渔鵰 ”,“ 小渔鵰 ” 等等。在林里值得搜索的婆罗洲特稀有鸟种如 “ 婆罗洲地鹃 ”,“ 大蓝八色东 ” 等等。有时候夜探活动还可以看到 “ 马来渔鸮 ”正在觅食的景况及其它各式鸟类的奇特睡姿。

2)       低海拔热带雨林至半高山雨林乃是整个婆罗洲观鸟的核心,其独特的鸟种如 “ 棘毛伯劳 ”,“ 绯红黑冠八色鸫 ”,“ 蓝斑八色鸫 ”,“ 蓝尾八色鸫 ”,世界最小的猛禽 “ 婆罗州白腹小凖 ”,世界最小的啄木鸟 “ 棕啄木 ”,世界最大的啄木鸟 “ 大灰啄木 ”,还有颜色艳丽的各种咬鹃如 “ 怀特黑氏灰胸咬鹃 ” 及百拍不厌的 “ 亚州白绶带 ”,各种五色鸟和阔嘴鸟。而极为稀有的如 “ 婆罗州短尾蛙嘴夜鹰 ” 等等。

3)        半高山雨林延伸至海拔高達四千多公尺的山峰寒帶針葉林、灌木林和高原草生地 – 吸引無數的野生動物及鳥類在這兒棲息繁殖,是觀賞婆羅洲原生鳥類首選之區,這兒的 “ 婆罗洲短尾鶯 ”,“ 黑色噪鹛 ”,“ 绿黑繡眼鸟”,“懷特黑氏灰胸咬鵑”,“ 懷特黑氏绿闊嘴鳥 ”,“ 侯氏丽绿闊嘴鳥 ”,“ 金枕擬啄木 ” …等多種特有鳥種是婆罗洲其他地方不容易看到的!

North Borneo Sabah Malaysia’s montane forest, lowland rainforest, and mangrove swamp forest are the home of various bird species including all endemic to Borneo, forest wild birds, sea birds, and migratory.

Species diversity and extraordinary bird sanctuaries
We are a birding tour operator to bring you searching of  more wild birds in  North Borneo, Sabah. What make Sabah known as a best place for birdwatching  and birds photography? Here we make a tour searching of the bird life in Sabah……. understand that, this wonderful land  located in the North of Borneo. Sabah, as one of the thirteen states of the Federation of Malaysia, is located at the northern tip of the world’s third largest island, Borneo.  Borneo Sabah is known as “Land Below the Wind” as it is away from typhoon-hit areas. Due to its proximity to the equator, 82% of the land area in Sabah is covered with dense tropical rainforests where   many unique bird species live. There are 669 species of birds being recorded across the state. For example, there are 6 types of Trogons, 8 types of Broadbills, 8 types of Hornbills, 10 types of Pittas, 9 types of Barbets, 12 types of Kingfishers, 21 types of Woodpeckers, 31 types of Flowerpeckers, 8 types of Spiderhunters, and 10 types of Sunbirds. Among all these,  there are also 52 types of endemic bird species. Bird watchers are often given surprises and remarkable memories by the variety of bird species.


除了团购,我们也接受个别订购赏鸟 / 生态摄影旅游配套,或度身订做所要求的行程及日期。 凡有兴趣者 , 请 email 注明所建议的出发日期及人数 ,有待报价。 We accept and tailor special birdwatching and nature photography tour for all individual (not only a group). Please email us with your preference date of departure and numbers of people for quotation. EMAIL: [email protected]
SUKAU KINABATANGAN BIRDING TOUR - Offer !! 苏高京那巴当岸河沼泽低窪雨林观鸟 / 拍鸟之旅 - 大优惠 !! Endangered-species-in BORNEO SABAH MALAYSIA www.birds.my
10天-赏鸟 / 观鸟 / 拍鸟
10天-赏鸟 / 观鸟 / 拍鸟活动让您体验 处于高山雨林(神山公园),抵海拔热带雨林(Poring)及半高山雨林(Crocker Range 大王花馆)各个层次的野鸟生态。

10-Day Borneo Birdwatching & Birds Photography Tour

9-DAY BORNEO BIRDING TRIP brought to you the different experiences of bird species from the different high level of tropical rainforest – ie. Montane and high mountain bird species ( at Mount Kinabalu / Kinabalu National Park ), Lowland Forest bird species ( at Poring ), Sub montane bird species ( at Crocker Range / Rafflesia Centre )




BIRDS OF MT.KINABALU - High Mountain And Montane Forest Bird Species In Borneo Sabah

Birds Of Mount Kinabalu


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