Experiences bird guide lead you travel to the best birding places in North Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia. 专业鸟导带你到马来西亚沙巴婆罗洲最佳赏鸟及拍鸟地点 。

World-Class Birding Spot And Nature Photography [email protected] 
Borneo, Malaysian Sabah, Sukau is one of the world-class birding spot and nature photography destination due to the abundance of food plants at fresh water riverine and swamp forest. Insight-to-the-largest-swamp in BORNEO SABAH MALAYSIA www.birds.my

2 days 1 night KINABATANGAN, SUKAU BIRDING TOUR www.birds.my

3 days 2 night KINABATANGAN, SUKAU BIRDING TOUR www.birds.my

4 days 3 night KINABATANGAN, SUKAU BIRDING TOUR www.birds.my

4D3N Tour in the dept of Sukau, Kinabatangan River 
The floodplain of the Lower Kinabatangan River is a low-lying wilderness covered by a patchwork of natural rainforest and ever-encroaching oil-palm plantations. The whole area is dotted with oxbow lakes and limestone outcrops, and is home to a wealth of wildlife including, hopefully, our first wild Orang-utans and the remarkable Proboscis Monkey.
Our focus will however be on the birdlife and there is much to look for including Storm’s Stork (Kinabatangan River represents one of the most reliable sites for this endangered species anywhere). Bornean Ground Cuckoo ( rare endemic to Borneo ), Hooded Pittas, Black-Crowned Pittas , Trogons, Stork-billed, Blue-eared and Oriental Dwarf Kingfishers, Oriental Darter, Wallace’s Hawk-eagle, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Lesser Fish Eagle, Bat Hawk, Buffy Fish Owl, Whiskered Treeswift, up to four species of Malkoha, Chestnut-necklaced Partridge, Rhinoceros Hornbills, Purple Heron, Helmeted Hornbills, Asian Black Hornbills, Oriental Pied Hornbills, Bushy-crested Hornbills, Wreathed Hornbills, Wrinkled Hornbills, and with an outside chance of Giant Pitta ( rare and scarce resident ). Of course there are many smaller birds as well, though photograph to these from the boats is not too easy. However, a boardwalk behind our lodge offers access to the jungle on foot and between boat trips we will explore this in hope of finding various babblers and bulbuls and other lowland forest species. Many birds can also be seen from the lodge veranda, while we can relax with a cold drink, especially if one or two of the adjacent trees are fruiting. It is also a great place for photographing dragonflies and butterflies. We will take early morning and afternoon and night boat trips along the river and its tributaries. Once off the main river channel the boatmen of our motorised canoes will turn off the noisy diesel engine motor, enabling us to really enjoy the sights and sounds of this rich wilderness. Here we hope to see wild Orang-utans making their way slowly through the canopy of riverside trees or, in late afternoon, watch them making their night-time nests. We can also watch troops of the bizarre Proboscis Monkey crashing through the branches, these comical creatures often sit in the trees and watch us float by, hands resting beside their huge pot bellies and the males with their extraordinary floppy nose. In addition we may see Long-tailed Macaques and occasional Silvered Langurs and there is always a chance of coming across a herd of Bornean Pygmy Elephants in this area.

Tour Fee included:
a) Foods and accommodation
b) Bird Guide / Nature Photography Guides
c) Destination / Operation Management
d) Transportation
*Land transfer Sandakan-Sukau-Sandakan
*3 birding trips per day at Kinabatangan River (boat ride) 

婆罗洲沙巴观鸟/ 摄鸟之旅 – 世界顶级的生态旅游目的地及观鸟地点

2 days 1 night KINABATANGAN BIRDING TOUR www.birds.my

3 days 2 nights KINABATANGAN BIRDING TOUR www.birds.my

4 days 3 nights KINABATANGAN, SUKAU BIRDING TOUR www.birds.my

4天3夜 婆罗洲沙巴,苏高野鸟生态摄影之旅

从SUKAU乘船沿着KINABATANGAN 河逆流而上会看到幽静的红树林两岸有无数的“长鼻猴”(婆罗洲特有种),“银葉猴”,“獼猴”等及其它动物鸟类在树枝上栖息。
第二天开始每天早餐过后将一轮接一轮的乘着电动小艇慢慢的沿着河边驶进而搜索,观赏,拍摄这些泥炭沼澤及红树林里的特色鸟种如罕見的“暴風鸛”,普通的 “黑腹蛇鷉”,“紫鹭”,夜鹭及各种苍鹭。两岸也不時出現各种犀鳥在觅食如 “凤冠犀鳥”,“冠斑犀鳥”,“黑腹斑犀鳥”,“皺盔犀鳥”,“马来犀鸟”…等。而空中也不時出現各种猛禽在翱翔如“白腹渔鵰” ,“小渔鵰”,“灰頭漁鵰”,“凤头鹰鵰”,“小鹰鵰”…等。更不可错过在这里乃是最高机会可以搜索到婆罗洲特稀有的“婆罗洲地鹃”Bornean Ground Cuckoo。直到夜晚还有一轮的夜探活动, 那时很大机会可以近距离的观赏及拍摄平时不易近人的“藍耳翡翠”,“鸛嘴翡翠”,“三趾翡翠”, “马来渔鸮”等棲立於枝枒上。

1. 往返车辆接送 (山打根机场 – 苏高 – 山打根机场)
2. 私人小艇,每天2-3次出游
3. 提供中文专业鸟导/生态摄影导游
4. 餐食及度假小屋标准双人房 (冷气设备)

1. 机票及一切私人用品

Dawn-to-dusk-birding-experience with BORNEO NATURE TOURS www.birds.my


除了团购,我们也接受个别订购赏鸟 / 生态摄影旅游配套,或度身订做所要求的行程及日期。 凡有兴趣者 , 请 email 注明所建议的出发日期及人数 ,有待报价。 We accept and tailor special birdwatching and nature photography tour for all individual (not only a group). Please email us with your preference date of departure and numbers of people for quotation. EMAIL: [email protected]
SUKAU KINABATANGAN BIRDING TOUR - Offer !! 苏高京那巴当岸河沼泽低窪雨林观鸟 / 拍鸟之旅 - 大优惠 !! Endangered-species-in BORNEO SABAH MALAYSIA www.birds.my
10天-赏鸟 / 观鸟 / 拍鸟
10天-赏鸟 / 观鸟 / 拍鸟活动让您体验 处于高山雨林(神山公园),抵海拔热带雨林(Poring)及半高山雨林(Crocker Range 大王花馆)各个层次的野鸟生态。

10-Day Borneo Birdwatching & Birds Photography Tour

9-DAY BORNEO BIRDING TRIP brought to you the different experiences of bird species from the different high level of tropical rainforest – ie. Montane and high mountain bird species ( at Mount Kinabalu / Kinabalu National Park ), Lowland Forest bird species ( at Poring ), Sub montane bird species ( at Crocker Range / Rafflesia Centre )




BIRDS OF MT.KINABALU - High Mountain And Montane Forest Bird Species In Borneo Sabah

Birds Of Mount Kinabalu


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